Here we go!  It is time for the July Bar Exam to begin!  Sharing a bit of collective wisdom as an event kickoff: ten things you will have already done studying for the Bar —

1. Fail a Practice Exam. Remember this: some people who pass the bar never “pass” a practice exam.

2. Resent Anyone Who Says You Will Pass. Being told that “of course you will pass” by your  non-lawyer friends and family only results in a blood-boiling rage.  Their attempts at understanding and encouragement will only make you mad.

3. Abandon Something You Normally Do. Some cool aspect of your life –cooking, playing guitar, surfing or making cool jewelry holders —  something that you enjoyed doing before, will fall by the wayside. If you don’t have a fun thing to let go of, then the things that do go will be disturbing. You might start showering at alarmingly low rates, eating erratically, and talking to friends and family basically never. You will amaze even yourself.

4. Buy Something Ridiculous. At some point, you will make a stress purchase that makes no real sense at all. If you need socks, maybe you’ll buy five dozen because that seems reasonable at the time. 

5. Have Some Kind of Sleep Issue. Whether you are awake at three in the morning anxiously criticizing yourself and what you did for the day, or randomly taking a three hour nap in the middle of the day because you can’t focus on the assignment at hand, your sleep will be more irregular than it was during finals.

Tune in tomorrow for Things You Will Do #6-10!

All of this thanks to Kate Currer, a writer, stand-up comic, and attorney. Her other work can be found at Her shortest writings can be found on Twitter @KateCurrer. . – See more at: